10-bit IPS Performance

IPS (In Plane Switching) technology is the heart of our LCD panel design. The wide viewing angle with vastly reduced colour shift means that image data is accurately and reliably communicated to all viewing positions. Additionally IPS LCD colour reproduction offers a depth and realism of colour reproduction, in which all nuances can be appreciated. The latest 10-bit P-IPS panel offers the ultimate image quality and represents the cutting-edge of today’s professional imaging technology.

The P-IPS version is a member of H-IPS technology grouping, in which the light transmittance (high aperture ratio) of the semiconductor transistor pattern has been improved. This improves specified contrast levels, as well as offering an opportunity for energy savings. More importantly the P-IPS version also offers an improved wider colour gamut performance. This wider colour gamut is possible through the use of improved colour filters and stabilised spectral backlighting technologies.

The MultiSync® PA series employs the latest 10-bit (or 8-bit + FRC) grayscale control and processing electronics, which, when aligned with the wide colour gamut RGB colour filters, allows over a billion individual colours to be displayed. This 10-bit colour capability is best taken advantage of when using the latest DisplayPort video connector which support 10-bit input digital signals.

  • Superb colour accuracy/stability from all viewing angles
  • All finest colour nuances discernable
  • Intense viewing with minimal eye strain
  • Human skin colour perfectly reproduced
  • Consistent D50/D65 setup and colour space
  • Linear colour gradation offering 1.024 grayscales per RGB channel generating 1.073 billion possible colours instead of the conventional 16.7 million colours associated with 8-bit technology

10bit IPS Performance TN front
10bit IPS Performance TN left
10bit IPS Performance TN right
10bit IPS Performance IPS front
10bit IPS Performance IPS left
10bit IPS Performance IPS right

Image Uniformity Control


For many professional applications, a homogeneous distribution of brightness and colour across the entire image area is an essential basis for decision making. A fine matrix, together with high-precision sensor electronics measure, at the factory, individual irregularities in brightness, colour and gamma values for each individual display. The in built Digital Uniformity Compensation (ColorComp) dynamically compensates and levels out all picture corruptions using the RGB channels and tailored correction profiles loaded in the 14-bit LUT. At the same time, various parameters such as temperature, operating time and even the alignment of the monitor are taken into account.

Backlight Ageing Correction

The Backlight Ageing Correction function is an additional feature to assure stable colour reproduction and luminance during the warm-up phase, as well as over the lifetime of the product. An internal electronic backlight compensation system assesses the luminance of the back light, corrects and stabilises it during its warm up phase. Additionally as the backlight ages the white point temperature shifts to yellow, which can be periodically compensated through an ageing estimate to appropriately modify the RGB filter gains.

Without Backlight Ageing Correction
Without Backlight Ageing Correction
Without Backlight Ageing Correction
Without Backlight Ageing Correction
Without Backlight Ageing Correction
With Backlight Ageing Correction

1 year

Multi-Picture Option


The powerful Picture-in-Picture or Picture-by-Picture feature of the MultiSync® PA series allows two different platforms or images to be simultaneously viewed, with a single mouse and keyboard being switched between active operating systems (DisplaySync Pro). Many colour managed workflow applications will benefit from the time saving through automatic and real-time conversion of colours consistent with ICC profiles or colour gamut emulation.

Future Ready Connectivity

Including all the Connectivity for today and tomorrow means a safe investment and peace of mind for the future


  • Compact with in-built locking mechanism for hassle-free installation
  • Installation flexibility thanks to longer cabel lengths and 10-bit colour support

USB Type-C

  • Newest connecivity standard
  • Optimize connectivity and declutter your desk
  • Replace video, audio, power and USB cabling with just a single cable to connect your notebook or tablet with the display
Future Ready Connectivity Display


SpectraView Display
  • Height Adjust
  • Rotate
  • Swivel
  • Tilt

Especially in the world of publishing and media, professionals cannot afford to make mistakes. An inappropriate or inconsistent choice of marketing colour can negatively impact a brand identity. The MultiSync® PA series offers a range of features to guarantee outstanding image quality and levels of ergonomic comfort which allow for accurate, fatigue-free working to minimise human error.

  • Light protection hood (optional for MultiSync® PA series displays)
  • ErgoDesign® with height-adjustment up to 150 mm, swivel through +/-45°
  • and easy adjustment to different tilt angles.
  • Quick-Release mechanism – easy to use and saves precious installation time with large roll-outs. To attach the monitor to an arm or wall bracket, the stand can quickly and easily be removed without any tools.
  • Stand lock for transportation and handling