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SlowDown Hotel, Travemünde

Multimedia to relax and unwind

Modern multimedia equipment is a prerequisite for most guests when they visit a hotel today. That is why more and more leisure establishments are beginning to consider displays as part of their equipment – in addition to the now standard TVs in the rooms. This is also the case at the SlowDown Hotel which is located on the promenade of the coastal resort of Travemünde which accommodates holiday-makers as well as conference participants. The operators set themselves the goal of incorporating video installations into the overall guest experience. For example, in addition to multimedia for visitors seeking relaxation, SlowDown seeks to offer its conference guests modern, high-quality visual technology for conferences.

The challenge

In addition to equipping hotel rooms with televisions, SlowDown aimed to enhance its tapas bar. The centre of the installation is a video wall to consist of eleven 55-inch large format displays seamlessly mounted side by side in portrait mode.

The challenge here was to select the appropriate products for the client’s desired scenarios. Since the displays were to be mounted side by side to create a large image, they had to ensure homogeneous image reproduction, because differences in colour or brightness would quickly become noticeable.

The company P-Labor – the integrator for this project – opted for solutions from Sharp/NEC because of the high image quality. It was also important to those responsible that experts from the display manufacturer would be involved in the project.


Hauke Brauer, Managing Director of P-Labor, comments on the selection process: “The challenge was to pick out, communicate and implement the appropriate product quality based on the scenarios that the building owners wanted. At the beginning, there was the idea of implementing a large-format video solution in a tapas bar, and it needed to be competitively priced.”

The solution

SlowDown now bristles with state-of-the-art technology. For example, four 75-inch displays (C751Q) are used in the reception area alone, putting new arrivals in the mood for the hotel’s special atmosphere. Three large-format V984Qs create the right mood in the fireside lounge and lobby and serve as a source of information for guests in the south foyer. Displays can even be found in the spa and sauna area. An interactive CB651Q whiteboard is also planned for the breakout room.

In the tapas bar, a total of eleven 55-inch displays were installed to form one large surface. The screens hang edge to edge taking up almost the entire wall.

They display images of nature, such as a sand dune with views of the sea making the displays look like windows. The installation makes a significant contribution towards the atmosphere in the restaurant. In the evening, appropriate content helps to create a cosy yet sophisticated atmosphere.


The “virtual window to the outside” was already convincing in the planning phase, but as the installation progressed it provided inspiration for other areas.

Thus, the conference and meeting rooms as well as the foyer are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The conference rooms Beachbay 2.1 and 2.5 are each equipped with a 3x3 video wall consisting of nine 46-inch UN46VA displays.

The LED video wall installation in the large conference room is the highlight of the multimedia installation. With a total width of 7.5 metres and a height of 3 metres, it creates a seamless image area of 22.5 square metres. This is almost cinema format.


The lightweight and, with an installation depth of just 70 millimetres, extremely flat modules produce a continuous image that is always very clearly visible, even in difficult lighting conditions and from different viewing distances and angles.

With their detailed images and intense colours, the giant video walls leave a lasting impression on hotel guests.

The result

The cooperation with Sharp/NEC during the planning phase and implementation was very successful for Brauer. For instance, when a hardware defect once occurred, the device was replaced without any problems. For him, his good experience speaks for high service quality. “It is important to have a partner with a solid workforce, where expert contacts in technology, development and product engineering are available. Not everyone can provide that. In addition to high-quality products, high-quality employees are also required”, Brauer emphasises.

Those responsible at SlowDown are also very satisfied with the installation. The hotel management have received a very positive response from guests and passers-by have commented, it’s a real eye-catcher.