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Media tech for bright modern office spaces

Low maintenance, reduced power usage, reliability and long life adaptability for future performance were critical success factors as SCANLAB sought a partner to equip its new meeting spaces. Displays and laser projectors from NEC deliver quality backed by exceptional support to ensure efficiency during meetings.

SCANLAB GmbH is the world‘s leading independent OEM manufacturer of scanning solutions with over 30,000 systems delivered annually. Since it was established in 1990, the laser technology expert with its headquarters in Puchheim, near Munich, has grown to currently around 350 employees.

The Challenge

The successful business, as well as the growing number of employees, led to an increased need for meeting rooms, both for internal meetings and external use and an extension to the building was commissioned to provide the additional space required.

Zausinger GmbH & Co. KG was appointed to carry out the electrical installations in the building extension. „In the new building it was necessary to equip a total of 18 meeting rooms of various sizes with high-quality media technology“, Giuseppe Irmici, the Head of Media Technology at Zausinger, informed us. „I have been working with NEC for nearly 20 years. The quality of the products and the smooth support impress me every single time so I did not have to think for very long before I suggested NEC as a technology partner for SCANLAB too“.

NEC MultiSync Large Format Display in Meetingroom

The NEC Solution

Custom built

Equipping the meeting rooms took place in two phases. In the first phase, four rooms are equipped for internal use. In total, 4 x 55” NEC MultiSync V554, characterised by their modern and sleek design, blend in perfectly with the environment. Thanks to a screen brightness of 500 cd/m² and low-reflection surface, even the smallest details of the presentation content can be seen under normal lighting conditions.

In the second phase, twelve rooms are equipped for external use. Here, in addition to seven further MultiSync V554 models, five larger 65” MultiSync V652 models have been installed. Customised mobile media furniture support the displays to visually enhance the room whilst offering greater functionality and freedom in positioning the screens. „The displays from NEC are outstanding for these kinds of installation“, Irmici stressed. This is not least due to the thermal management with manually controllable fans. The temperature of the displays inside the body can be monitored accordingly and regulated using the NaViSet Administrator 2 control and monitoring software. „This ensures reliability and longevity“, Irmici continued. In addition, they excel as a result of their future compatibility; thanks to the OMi (Open Modular Intelligence) approach, all displays can be seamlessly expanded at any time with Raspberry Pi modules or OPS plug-in computers with scalable processing power.

NEC P502HL in Meetingroom

In addition to the meeting rooms, the entrance area and cafeteria in the new building are also equipped with displays. In the reception area, a 55” NEC MultiSync V554 is used. In the welcome area, a huge 70” MultiSync P703 provides visitors with information; thanks to its low-power and long-life LED backlighting, this monitor is extremely energy-efficient and ideal for continuous operation. Furthermore, in the cafeteria, a 40-inch MultiSync V404 model functions as a digital menu board, updated with the current refreshment selection.

For the big show

In order to equip two large meeting rooms, SCANLAB chose P502HL laser projectors. The laser light source allows for over 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. The lifelike images with natural looking colours fill projection screens with a diagonal picture of up to 300 inches. In particular, SCANLAB benefits from their user-friendliness and low maintenance costs, as there are no lamps which require changing.

The Result

The new building has been open at the SCANLAB headquarters since July 2017 and since this time, the number of meetings continues to increase. Employees, as well as external customers and partners, are reaping the benefits of the professional meeting rooms. „The feedback is really positive. Thanks to the large screen brightness, the solutions allow us to work together even in bright daylight without having to darken the rooms“, Christian Huttenloher, Managing Director for Operations at SCANLAB, summed up. „A special highlight for us is the P502HL. The projector immediately impressed us with its longevity and graphic quality“.