Upgrading to dvLED? We answer some FAQs to help you on your way

As perceptions change and older LCD videowall technology starts to look outdated, it’s time to investigate the options to update your image.

Whether you’re upgrading from an LCD videowall or seeing the potential of a blank wall, direct view LED technology MUST now be a viable consideration for your installation.

dvLED is the technology behind some of today’s most striking digital surfaces, delivering high brightness with deep contrasts using small format modules which can be configured into any size and shape for the most creative expressions.

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More screen, less bezel – it’s time to go bezel-less

One obvious benefit of dvLED over LCD is in achieving an uninterrupted canvas, without annoying image gaps resulting from bezels or frames. Today’s Ultra Narrow bezel LCD videowall displays form barely discernible image gaps of less than 1mm, however, older technology which is now coming to the end of its lifecycle is evident for its chunkier frame.

Replacing like for like may not be cost effective in the long run; with dvLED offering so many compelling advantages over LCD technology, now is the time to make the transition.

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Precision designed; precision aligned – it’s all in the preparation

Achieving that all-important single large canvas perception is fundamental with dvLED technology. Precision module alignment and image uniformity across the entire surface is not a given, however.

A quality result comes from the culmination of many success factors through the planning, design, implementation, and after-care process.


As a quality manufacturer, we are driven to ensure our customers achieve the best possible result and positive ROI. We’re not just selling our customers a display, we are committed to ensuring that display delivers its full potential, giving peace of mind with long life fit for purpose performance.

Nils Detje, Product Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solution Europe, takes us through some of our customers’ Frequently Asked Questions when planning to replace an existing videowall with an dvLED display.

The how and the why – transitioning to dvLED is easier than you might think

Q: My LCD videowall sits within a wall fitting. Will the new dvLED display fit into this existing structure?

Nils: This is often the case in boardrooms, meeting rooms and reception areas, where the surrounding structure is used to hide cables and peripherals and create a seamless façade. dvLED videowalls are configured using small format modules which can build up to any size or shape to fit the available space.

Our 110” dvLED videowall bundle (which includes everything you need to create a 110” display) is the same size as a 2 x 2 55” LCD videowall.

Q: How easy is it to switch to dvLED?

Nils: This is a very broad question but if there is an LCD videowall already installed, then there is no reason at all why this couldn’t easily be replaced by a dvLED wall. In fact, the dvLED wall is slimmer in profile and the E Series is lighter in weight so the supporting wall could have an easier job. The dvLED wall also only has a single input to distribute content across the entire surface making it a far simpler solution to manage. By working with Sharp/NEC, all of these details would be handled by our fully trained Certified Partners, so the job couldn’t be easier for the owner!

Watch this timelapse video to get an idea of how easy it is to attach the dvLED pixel cards once all the preparations have been made.

Q: I want to minimise downtime, how long will the installation take?

Nils: Our bundled dvLED solutions can be up and operational within a day, including removal of the existing videowall. Our customised, bespoke designed solutions will naturally take longer but where we are looking at replacing an existing LCD videowall with a similar sized dvLED wall, this will be fulfilled using our standard dvLED bundle solutions which are available in sizes 108” to 220”.

Q: What happens to the existing LCD videowall?

Nils: You may wish to repurpose your asset elsewhere in your organisation. You are likely upgrading your videowall to take advantage of the latest technology, not necessarily because it’s no longer functioning. If the LCDs are NEC branded, the quality of our products often results in a lifetime far beyond the warranty period, and thicker bezels are fine for single display signage. More usually, the integrator will take away the old LCD displays and either repurpose them or recycle them. Our large format displays, at 97.4%, are almost entirely recyclable, which is remarkable in our industry.

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Q: What level of service will I get with the new screen?

Nils: dvLED technology offers a high level of serviceability. It’s one of its many great advantages. Components can be repaired or replaced, on site, for minimal downtime. This is great for sustainability too. Sharp/NEC offers a broad range of service options accompanying our dvLED solutions which we highly recommend, ensuring users enjoy the long-life benefits of this remarkable technology.

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Q: How will I benefit from the new technology?

Nils: First and foremost – wow factor! dvLED technology is bright and vibrant with deep contrasts delivering content which gets noticed! This is a major motivator towards upgrading when the objective is to attract attention.

To this end, dvLED is endlessly scalable to any size and shape, with no bezel, making it even more appealing to the viewer.

Unlike LCD which can have a mirror effect, dvLED has a matt black surface which does not cause reflections from lighting or the sun, so, with its high brightness output it’s ideal for use in areas of high ambient light.

Operational benefits lie in its exceptionally long life cycle, up to 100,000 hours, meaning your dvLED promises an impressive return on investment over its 10 year life span. We use metal for the structural components, not plastic or polycarbonate favoured by other vendors, meaning our displays are robustly designed and resistant to the detrimental effect of heat, further supporting its longevity.

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It’s a partnership – we’re here for the life of your display, and beyond

We have the expertise and the experience, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that your installation and ongoing support is in safe hands. Our dvLED Partner Program means that all our integration partners have received the necessary training and Sharp/NEC certification to fulfil your project under the supervision of our dvLED experts.

In so many ways, we are not like other vendors. We are not simply selling you a display, we are offering you a partnership, for the life of your display, and beyond. We offer a consultancy-led approach, ensuring you achieve your objective with the perfect-fit solution, advising you from the planning stage, through installation to ongoing service and support, to ensure you are delighted with your display solution.

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Watch our step-by-step tutorial; our dvLED integration partners are fully trained and approved by Sharp/NEC.

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