Passenger Information Display Systems

Passenger Information Display Systems

Bright, dusty and operational 24/7, transport terminals are hostile environments for electronic equipment. Only technology which is robustly designed to withstand the rigors of of these environments will deliver long-life performance, providing the best possible experience for passengers.

Commercial grade components designed for 24/7 usage
Robust metal chassis for heat dissipation and fire retardancy
Componentry sealed against dust ingress
Intelligent cooling system
Protection against image retention
Remote monitoring and management

Slot-in computing devices

Scalable and upgradable, choose the appropriate computing power to drive your passenger information system. Embedded within the display, our comprehensive range of Intel®SDM and RaspberryPi compute modules support simple information display to more demanding video advertising content.

Neat and seamless, embedded within the display
Open infrastructure supports any operating system
Range of processor speeds to meet your application needs
Upgradable as application demands change
Low power consumption

Subject to environmental conditions, content and change of content, products marked as 24/7 are appropriate for 24/7 use, however please refer to Sharp/NEC Operational Guidelines for exact terms of use.